Library routines and essential agreements

Library Essential Agreements

  • This is a shared space so we use quiet voices to talk to each other so as not to disturb other students and teachers using the library.
  • We look after our books and DVD’s and return them in good condition, when they are due back so other students can share them too.
  • Books do not go well with food or drink so we keep those for places outside of the library.
  • When we come to the library we are here to read or study.

Library Routines

  • As students come into the library they are to return their books at the Issues Desk.
  • When primary classes have stories read to them they are to sit on the carpet.
  • All materials the student wishes to borrow have to be issued through the Issues Desk. If a student has overdue materials he or she will not be able to have more materials issued until they are returned.
  • They are to work with their teacher or independently in a focussed purposeful manner.