Over the past four years we have taken our grade 11 – 12 students to a University Library for a one day field trip. Over the last three years we have gone to Koç University.

The students start their day with a tour of the campus and then spend 20 minutes in a seminar room in the library with one of the University Librarians. In the seminar the librarian opens the wifi to our students and shows them how to search the University catalog and databases. We then spend the next four hours researching the academic essay DP students have to write known as “The Extended Essay”. Every student has their own particular topic. They also have appointments to meet with the College counselor

One of the main reasons we go on this field trip is to introduce the students to University Campus life. Koç University is a large private University in our city and when we visit it is being actively used by the students on campus. Admittedly we try to visit during exam weeks or in between semesters so there are fewer students, but our students still get to see University students at work in the library.

These visits are usually welcomed by the University libraries as they get a chance to show off their campus and facilities to prospective students (Jung- Matthews). We do have a special relationship with Koç University built up over the years and with our own school librarians attending their Erasmus conference last year.

The teachers who attend the day with the students are there to guide them with developing research questions that will help their information search. As the Teacher Librarian I have a very busy day helping students to cite their sources, find resources and develop questions and key words to help with the search.

Koç University has its own agreements with databases and ebook subscription services and not all of their collection is open to us. Students may only use the print and electronic resources on the day so it is important to get the citations correctly recorded in order for the student to take good notes. Some of the resources our students found as ebooks while not available to them on the day they did find them on our school ebook Central subscription service. Knowing this ahead of time meant students could use their time in the library wisely (Ury).

We want to thank Koç University for their generosity in using their resources, their study rooms and the second floor of their library and to Vasia Mole the academic librarian who give her time each year for our orientation lecture.

It is always a great day.

Our dedicated students and teachers

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