Library report August 2015




Mrs Abizaid

Mrs Abizaid

Welcome to Dina Abizaid It is great that we can welcome Dina Abizaid to our library team. Dina is a qualified librarian with experience working in both schools and the public sector. She will be working with EY3/4 – grade 3 in the role of literacy development. She will make a great contribution to the primary classes with information literacy skills and reading development.


Appreciative Inquiry focus for the library team We had our first meeting as a team during whole staff orientation week. In that meeting we began an Appreciative Inquiry into our school library. We wanted to dream about what the library would be like in five years time if it was our perfect library. We all came up with the dream of seeing people in our library reading and enjoying books. We are now working on developing that dream in our weekly team meetings on a Tuesday. We use Google Hangouts so Lindsay can participate.  This is a very new process to all of us – I am hopeful that Appreciative Inquiry will help us strengthen the services we provide for the school. Appreciative Inquiry has its origins in business management but recently it has successfully been applied in education and library management.


More classes than ever before have booked to use the reading area in the library We welcome grade 7 and 8 classes signing up for permanent weekly slots in the reading area in the library. This offers the students a change of location as well as access to the whole collection. We are busier than ever and this is a wonderful start to developing our dream.


Summer readers using our print and electronic collections. Many of our students took the opportunity to borrow books over the summer. I received data from EBSCOhost every month showing how the electronic journals we subscribe to are being used  by our school community. Obviously they are used most during Exhibition, Personal Project and Extended Essay research times. They were also used during the summer months by a few people. I am promoting these journals to our staff and students this year.


Back to school day We welcomed several new parents as borrowers with our library during back to 1031school day at each campus. It is always good to share the news of unlimited borrowing for parents. Also while trying to overcome a double booking in our Marmara library (Grade 3K and EY5) as well as hosting parent seminars, we asked the grade 3 students to use the story sacks to tell a story using puppets to EY5 students. They had a quick 30 minute rehearsal then entertained the younger students. A lovely activity which perplexed one of our new grade 3 students who told his mother that evening that libraries were meant to be places where you only read books.


Sabanci University Library The grade 12 retreat to Sabanci University saw us spending most of our time working in the library. This library had three levels as well as small collaboration rooms. The University librarian generously opened the print and electronic collections to our students to use over the two days. It was a great experience for our students to work on a research essay using the extensive collection of a real University. Thanks to Patricia for organising this retreat. We made a good impression on the head librarian – she complimented us about the way our students were working in a very focused, purposeful manner.


“True learning happens when books and friends, writing and understanding intermingle in a rich soup of participation.”   ― R. David Lankes author of the Atlas of New Librarianship


Opportunities and Challenges


I-pads for Hisar Library Lindsey and I will work together to implement the use of 6 i-pads in the Hisar Library. With the changes to the library last year the loss of desktop computers was something Lindsey found most difficult. Laptops were allocated but they were difficult to use safely. Thanks to John and Erhan for helping make the case to have 6 ipads for library use at Hisar. They are imaged and the appropriate apps have been added. After the Bayram break Lindsey and I will work on implementation with specific focus on use of Destiny and reading ebooks to start with. Obviously creating electronic books and presentations will also be explored throughout the year.


Matt Dickinson – author visit On the last Friday before the October break we will host author Matt Dickinson. He will be giving presentations to our students in grades 5 – 10. I am working on the precise programme with coordinators and principals at the moment. Matt has summited Everest and writes fiction for young adult audiences. He was with us three years ago and spoke about the need for grit and self leadership for personal success. Very applicable to our ATL focus this year.


Book losses with mass loans for grade levels and classrooms We are starting to notice book losses from our mass loans to support units of inquiry and classroom libraries. This is quite a stress for the staff and students who want to borrow the books. Linked with this is the difficulty getting these in demand resources into the country. The resources are not available here in Turkey and it can take up to 18 months to replace them under the present system. Over the next few weeks I would like to explore ways to replace lost items more quickly, how to track these loans more effectively (at the moment the resources are issued to the teachers so the loss is against their record) and how to fund the replacements.


Quote of the month: In honour of our grade 12 student retreat

“True learning happens when books and friends, writing and understanding intermingle in a rich soup of participation.”

R. David Lankes author of the Atlas of New Librarianship


Amanda Bond

Teacher Librarian