Library report November and December 2014


International Language Story Reading (Any suggestions for a better name for this?) We held this event just before International Day – Thursday at Marmara and Friday at Hisar. This year we tried to have secondary students reading to the primary students. This did work well but once again our resources are limited. I am still trying to work on finding a way to develop the International Languages Sections of the library. Thanks so much to all my primary colleagues who hosted and at times read in the sessions. Our librarians, Maria and Ozlem were reading in Swedish and Turkish respectively.
Extended Homeroom sessions with grade 7 and 8 The students in these grades have completed a light introduction to using the library and Destiny. They also have had a holiday reading selection time – Thursday before the Winter break we had grade 8 mingling with EY3/4 finding the books they wanted to read over the break. Thanks to the homeroom teachers of grades 7 and 8 for taking the time to be with us.

Greenhouse Book Fair and Book Club Thanks to the PTA our students are buying their own books through Greenhouse Bookshop. So much money was raised in this first part of the year that we have been able to purchase some new titles for the library and begin our book selection for a future “Battle of the Books”

Challenges and Opportunities

Coming events: January Author visit – Anna Wilson – and launch of Battle of the Books
February Love reading week.
March Writer in residence – Donna Jo Napoli

Author visit to Marmara Primary – Anna Wilson will be with us at the Marmara Campus on Friday 23 January. She will be working with EY5 – grade 3 in the morning and then with upper primary students in a writers workshop in the afternoon.

Battle of the Books – well a skirmish. I promised to keep you posted. We have selected some titles and will trial this when the titles ordered start to arrive. Many of the titles are coming through Greenhouse Bookshop. I offered this as an option for exploratory for middle school – but no one selected it so it looks like this will be a grade 5 and 6 event.

Possible move to new location Thank you for the opportunity to be involved in the workshop with the architects. I have also visited Robert College’s brand new library. They redesigned and refurbished their old library. It is truly impressive. My goal for January is to create a vision document about the future of the libraries at IICS.

Orders this is a big job for the library and the form changes every year. I will work with John in the new year to see if there is any way we can improve the system and the forms involved. This year the Google doc did not print out well.

Statistics Ozlem has started to gather circulation statistics for the library we are already well up on borrowing for this year. I will analyse the data and write more in the January report.

Inspirational quote for this season

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!”
― Neil Gaiman

Amanda Bond
Teacher Librarian