Setting Up New Utilities

Utility Payments and Follow-up

** Your bank accounts are opened in August. As your first salaries are paid at the end of that month and the automatic debits couldn’t be settled in July; l made them paid in order to avoid any cut off. You saw some deductions in your payrolls due to this. The reason is > you are paid for July salary and your apartments are rented by start of July.

Guzinl helped most of you to solve the bank automatic payment problems as problems always occur due to the bank or utility company system problems. If there are still ones who have cutoff direct debit problems, Guzin can help on behalf of bank. (Normally your customer representative should solve all but this doesn’t happen in that way here). But before that some clues to help you:

When there is not enough money in your TL accounts on the last payment dates, the bills can not be paid. These overdue bills aren’t paid automatically even if you put money in TL account afterwards. You need to pay them separately if any of them becomes an overdue. l attached the document which l wrote in detail to help you in this kind of matter.

For the staff who changed apts: We can again once more check if your all bills are settled, if you still have previous apt bills on your automatic order etc. Guzin kindly asks you to email Guzin for your available time to check it or you can check which bills are seen on your “predefined bill” section in your Garanti banking by sending Guzin a screen shot. Then Guzin can control and fix if there is sth wrong.

It is very normal to have such problems at the beginning until all settled. Especially governmental and bank issues take time. HR are here to make it easier but sometimes its not under our control as this is bank’s responsibility. 

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