Emailing Class Groups of Students and Parents

Emailing Class Groups of Students and Parents

Emailing groups of Students and Parents can be frustrating as ManageBac doesn’t support sending emails directly (though it can send notification emails when assignments are posted or when messages are sent in the system).

Here are the steps on how to email groups of students or parents directly.

Step 1 – Navigate to the class of students or parents of students to email

ManageBac > Classes > Select your Class (Primary this is your name as homeroom)

Step 2 – Export your class lists

1. Choose your class
2. Select the “members tab”
3. “Export to Excel”

Step 3 – Copy emails that you’ll be emailing

Open your downloaded file (default will open in Excel).
There is a column with student email addresses and columns with parent/guardian email addresses.
Select all the emails you’d like to send to and copy.

Step 4 – Compose your email

Last step. Now back to and Compose a new email.
Paste your copied email address into the email. I recommend using the BCC field as this will prevent students/parents/guardians from replying all to the entire group.

That’s it! You can leave this email as a draft and copy/paste those email groups as needed or return to an email sent to a group in the past and copy/paste into a new email.

If you are feeling ambitious, you can also create this group label as a named group that you can simply type in an email and it will include all connected to it. More on that here –

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