Adding IICS Calendars

View https://sites.google.com/iics.k12.tr/shared-calendars/home Choose a calendar to view (Community and Primary or Secondary) + in the bottom right corner to add to your calendar Your Google Calendar will open up and the calendar you’ve added will now appear on the left side with the others. Events on all calendars selected will appear in your calendar view.

IICS ManageBac for Students

What is ManageBac? ManageBac is IICS’s Class Management System. It is where all teachers take attendance, track homework, grades, and provide other timely feedback to students. ManageBac provides all IICS students with a single point of communication to view upcoming tasks and class expectations. ManageBac is also where IICS shares report cards at the end of each semester. Accessing ManageBac Signing In After receiving your welcome e-mail and setting your password, you can log in to your ManageBac account at http://iics.managebac.com. You may wish to bookmark this link for future access. Navigating ManageBac Calendar – The Calendar tab is your