Emailing Class Groups of Students and Parents

Emailing Class Groups of Students and Parents Emailing groups of Students and Parents can be frustrating as ManageBac doesn’t support sending emails directly (though it can send notification emails when assignments are posted or when messages are sent in the system). Here are the steps on how to email groups of students or parents directly. Step 1 – Navigate to the class of students or parents of students to email Step 2 – Export your class lists Step 3 – Copy emails that you’ll be emailing Step 4 – Compose your email That’s it! You can leave this email as

Gmail Updates

Google has recently updated Gmail and the changes have started to roll out for our IICS accounts. Google has documented all the changes to the interface here – Stay composed: here’s a quick rundown of the new Gmail. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like a walk-through, please contact me to arrange a time for us to meet go through the details.